Cleans, Kills & Controls PARVO*, Distemper*, Bordetella*, Ringworm* & MRSA

Aseptic Plus+ is your solution for infection prevention & control, a fragrance-free odor eliminator and ecologically safe.

EPA hosptal-grade disinfectant

For your operating room, clinic, lab, shelter, boarding facilities, breeding kennels, doggie day care, grooming salon or pet store. Eliminates bacteria, mold, mildew and other fungi including Ringworm.* Disinfects, eliminates odors and ensures air quality in HVAC systems. Safe on most surfaces, including tile, stone, stainless steel, coated wood floors, carpet and plastic.


Highly effective at eliminating pet urine and fecal odors as well as skunk, smoke, trash and more. Aseptic Plus+ contains no masking agents or fragrances and leaves your facility smelling clean and fresh. Sanitizes food and water bowls. Won’t alter the taste of food or water on sanitized surfaces.


Proven effective on dust mite and cockroach allergens and pet dander. Can be used directly on bedding.


Great for synthetic pet bedding, carpet, upholstery and curtains. Kills odor-causing bacteria on contact by eliminating the source. The only sanitizer approved by The Carpet & Rug Institute.

Effective & Long-Lasting

USEPA Reg. No 82972-1-90331

Lowest EPA toxicity rating—Category IV, “very low”

GLP-certified Lab Test