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Aseptic Health has developed a new technology to oxidize potent compounds such as fentanyl, xylazine and heroin to keep emergency responders safe.

SoRite® DECON is a patent-pending safe, ready-to-use decontaminant that oxidizes fentanyl and heroin in a single step. Third party testing has been conducted at a controlled substance lab and tests conclude that SoRite DECON oxidizes fentanyl completely in 60 seconds making it one of the most powerful  & safest decontaminants available.

In addition the product is fragrance free with no noxious offgasses. Aseptic Health has designed this new technology with the safety and comfort of emergency responders in mind, from border patrol to the military, police and other first responders as well as those who work in health care, hospitality and other industries where workers may potentially be exposed to opiods. SoRite, with sodium chlorite, is so right for the safe, complete oxidation of dangerous substances and germs.