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commercial grow house

Grow Houses

In growhouses much of the equipment is adversely affected by corrosive cleaners, such as bleach, and also the plants can be affected. Aseptic Health’s testing with sodium chlorite in grow houses showed no noticeable morphophysiological and content changes in treated plants up to the highest concentration of Sodium Chlorite applied in the study as compared to the control plants.

Fruits / Vegetables

Early research on the effects of our product on fruits and vegetables was conducted on strawberries and romaine lettuce. The tests were successfully conducted to determine dilution ratios for disinfecting against E. coli and Salmonella without harming the foliage on the plants.

Meat Packing / Processing

In Chicken Processing Plants and Hatcheries we have completed Salmonella-contaminated chicken carcass tests at Middle Tennessee State University. Data was submitted to the FDA for approval in November 2019 and we received a “No Objection Letter.” The “No Objection Letter” received from the FDA was accompanied by a few additional questions from one FDA panelist before approvals. Final documents are currently being completed.