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SoRite 1 Gallon


A New Cleaning Technology That’s SoRite™

  • SoRite® —made from sodium chlorite—is a safer cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing system.
  • It is the first Hospital Disinfectant to kill 99.9% bacteria* and viruses^ in 15 seconds. Unlike other disinfectants on supermarket shelves, SoRite® is as safe as it is effective. According to EPA accredited toxicity testing it has a low pH of 9.2 and requires no mask or gloves. Wear appropriate eyewear.
  • You can use SoRite® to spray to disinfect and sanitize homes, offices, warehouses, factories, places of worship, schools, vehicles and more.
  • For information on proper ways to clean to disinfect, view www.disinfectips.com

*Escherichia coli,  MRSA, Listeria monocytogenes and Streptococcal pneumoniae ^SARS-CoV-2    

For more information, visit our Technical Information.


SoRite 1 Gallon


A New Decontaminant Technology That’s SoRite™

  • SoRite® DECON oxidizes fentanyl and heroin in 60 seconds! That’s seconds, not minutes.
  • SoRite DECON is a potent oxidizing agent that destroys organic compounds, and it’s so safe to use!
  • Sodium Chlorite, the primary active ingredient in SoRite, can degrade opioids such as fentanyl, xylazine or heroin and yet can still be verified by structural analysis.
  • While SoRite is safely without protective equipment, appropriate PPE must be worn when handling suspected opioids including nitrile gloves, N-95 mask and eyewear.


For more information view our Technical Information.