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SoRite 1 Gallon


A New Cleaning Technology That’s SoRite™

  • SoRite® —made from sodium chlorite—is a safer cleaning disinfecting and sanitizing system.
  • It is the first Hospital-Grade Disinfectant to provide a 5-kill log in 60 seconds on some of the most dangerous germs. And the first to sanitize non-food grade surfaces at a 7-kill log in 30 seconds. And unlike other disinfectants on supermarket shelves, SoRite® is as safe as it is effective. According to EPA accredited toxicity testing it has a low pH of 9.2 and requires no personal protective equipment.
  • You can use SoRite® to spray to disinfect and sanitize homes, offices, warehouses, factories, places of worship, schools, vehicles and more using electrostatic and ULV fogging equipment.

Certified Clinically Clean®

Certified Clinically Clean® is a robust on-line training program designed for any industry to provide their staff with safe and effective cleaning procedures through engaging animation videos.  Certified Clinically Clean registration is coming in 2023. For more information and an example of our programs contact Aseptic Health at (888) 379-3232.