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Flower of Life

The Source

As innovators of new cleaning technology, we believe our enterprise is being inspired by the same Source that set all nature in motion and of which all nature is composed to improve and transform the effects of past poor practices. We are the new generation of clean…Clinically Clean.

Boundless Potential

The universe is truly a spectacular mystery. On the one hand flowers, trees, vegetables and fruits exist to provide beauty, nourishment, even the very air we breathe. On the other, microscopic pathogens divide, multiply and flourish, often wrecking havoc on plants, animals and people while at the same time supporting the health of necessary fungi, plants and animals. If there were no viruses, bacterial populations would explode, and vice versa. The oceans, where more than 90 percent of all living material by weight is microbial, produce about half the oxygen on the planet—a process enabled by viruses. You see, it is a very complex and complicated system worth protecting at any cost.

So why are we cleaning our way to extinction?

Aseptic Health began by introducing a solution that we found to be exceptional for disinfecting, deodorizing and sanitizing. And then we improved on that product to introduce faster, more complete elimination of bacteria and viruses. Our near future goals include improvement of that solution for even safer and easier antimicrobial control.
     As Pierre Simon Laplace, in his 1814 Philosophical Essay on Probabilities muses on the divine: “We may regard the present state of the universe as the effect of its past and the cause of its future…” Aseptic Health believes the time has come for transformation in the cleaning industry. Gone are the days of toxic bleaching and acidic rinsing. Our very earth is at stake and all who inhabit it.