SoRite® Kill List

SoRite kills 99.9% Bacteria* & Viruses^ in 15 seconds! Download a one page pdf here.

*Escherichia coli,  MRSA, Listeria monocytogenes and Streptococcal pneumoniae ^SARS-CoV-2      

SoRite® SDS

Download a 6 page pdf of our Safety Data Sheet here.

8 Cleaning Solutions In-One & Dilution Guide

Download a 2 page pdf here.

SoRite Front & Back Label

Download front of bottle here. Download back of bottle here.


How SoRite Works

SoRite® is able to kill bacteria and viruses faster than other disinfectants. That’s because it works differently at the microscopic level. Download more information here.

SoRite Kill Times

Are you using your disinfectant correctly? If you’re like most people, you spray, wait for a few seconds, and then immediately wipe or rinse it off. By doing this, your disinfectant is leaving behind thousands of germs because ithas to remain wet for a long time. Download more information here.

SoRite Vs. Bleach

Put your bleach back in the supply closet. SoRite beats bleach, no matter how you measure. Download more information here.

The Safe Choice

Most disinfectants are toxic and dangerous to your health. Reading the labels of these products can be overwhelming and scary, but there’s no reason to worry with SoRite® Download more information here.