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It’s Not Clean If It’s Not Clinically Clean

Autumn Ryan used her marketing skills to establish Aseptic Health as a leader in the education of proper cleaning practices, as well as products, equipment and protocols achieving “clinically clean” results. She chose to grow the brand through a robust distribution network, not following a franchise model. In the first year, Aseptic Health had 12 distributors in five states.

Ryan personally provided a rigorous training program and the distributors in turn trained their customers to use Aseptic Health’s products and equipment properly.

At every step along the way, Ryan has kept an eye toward “what’s next” in order to take advantage of opportunities and bridge gaps where they exist in proper cleaning techniques and technologies. This work has led to success and accolades. Ryan was named to Nashville Business Journal (NBJ) 40 Under 40 Influential Young Business Leaders and the next year won the coveted NBJ Woman of Influence award.

In 2017, Ryan believed that in order for Aseptic Health to become fiscally sustainable she would need a network of Certified Clinically Clean® operators across the nation. She also knew that in order to grow accordingly, a standardized training program would need to be created.  SoRite® and Certified Clinically Clean were created simultaneously to provide the network and training framework.

Product Innovation

We have a phenomenal team of scientists, prototype designers and product specialists who are always excited to take on a new challenge. We work with other small businesses and innovators with big ideas to bring your products to fruition. We have spent years working through the myriad government agency protocols and want to put our experience to work for you to fast track your project.

Meanwhile, with SoRite® having completed EPA registration, we continue to expand our product lines and build the SoRite brand. We are currently working on disinfecting wipes and bag-in-valve disinfection products as well as product delivery systems.

Equipment Innovation

Discouraged with available electrostatic spraying equipment—Ryan asked herself, why someone couldn’t build a better battery backpack electrostatic sprayer? And that’s what she’s doing. Along with more equipment to come as part of the company’s  innovative Autie™ line of cleaning equipment, Autie checks all the boxes that are important to the service industry.  Compact designs to fit in tight spaces. Lightweight. Exceptionally easy-to-use and troubleshoot. The Autie line is currently in tests and final product designs with patents pending.