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Religion is a cornerstone of people’s lives. Aseptic Health recognizes that providing spiritual leadership and guidance is the utmost responsibility for you and your team. Your direction helps members of your congregation create better versions of themselves. To ensure you and your team can focus on what’s important, like building your congregation, we are here to help provide a healthy, safe and germ-free environment. Our entire line is Certified Clinically Clean® to ensure safety for you, your congregation, and the earth.

Our new innovative solutions are especially valuable to Religious Organizations that have been hit hard by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is that according to Pew Research, 24% of U.S. adults say their faith has grown during the pandemic. The bad news is that 91% of churchgoers say their congregations closed to in-person gatherings due to the pandemic throughout 2020 and into 2021. The reduction of social interaction has created major social challenges. Religion has the unique ability to help with people in this time of need, but in-person help has been a challenge. To help you get your congregation back in attendance, SoRite kills SARS-CoV-2 in 15 seconds. That is SECONDS, not minutes. It can be applied between services with an electrostatic sprayer, fogging sprayer or even during services with a spray bottle or small handheld bag-on-valve cans, which spray product with an ultra-fine mist.

Your janitorial staff and volunteers can safely use SoRite on hard and soft surfaces throughout your building, even when members and guests are present. The formula is extremely effective against those nasty bugs, like Norovirus, E. coli and H1N1, that can be found on religious texts, pews, shared donation baskets and door handles/knobs. For example, the product has been proven to kill Norovirus in 60 seconds!

There’s no rinse required, plus it’s non-reactive and non-corrosive, so the solution does not harm your equipment. The EPA has rated the toxicity of the product the same as water for skin irritation, inhalation and ingestion, so you can feel safe spraying around your congregation members, guests and team without the use of heavy duty personal protective equipment.