How To Clean To Prevent Allergies

Sep 9, 2020 | Allergies, Cleaning

Dana Ryan
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by Dana Ryan, Certified Clinically Clean® Specialist

We are right in the middle of the two most severe weeks for ragweed pollen. If you’re allergic, you probably already know that. Ragweed blooms almost everywhere in the U.S. but especially from the East Coast to the Midwest with the highest level of blooming in early to mid-September.

Ragweed isn’t the only fall allergen, but it is the most common. It blooms and releases pollen from August to November.

Cleaning Tips

If you’re suffering from fall allergies, here are some helpful tips for keeping your home clean and allergen free.

  1. Monitor pollen counts in your area and if pollen is high, keep windows closed.
  2. In the fall, allergens are at the highest level in the morning, (the opposite for spring allergens.) If you need to go out, try and plan your trips accordingly.
  3. Wear an N-95 filter mask when doing yard work and wash your hair and clothes when you come back inside.
  4. Also keep pets bathed more often if you’re suffering from allergies.
  5. Keep your house well dusted and vacuumed. Once or twice a week during peak allergy seasons. You may also want to wear a mask while cleaning. Do you know how to dust properly? Most people don’t. Start at the top and work your way down. Use only clean microfiber cloths. Don’t use old t-shirts or dusters…they just move dust and allergens around. Microfiber cloths are electrostatically charged to find and trap dust.
  6. Wash your sheets weekly in hot water (which kills dust mites).
  7. Keep the entry into your home swept or vacuumed so that you’re tracking in less pollen. Better yet, take your shoes off before you go into the house.
  8. Be sure and vacuum your bathroom ceiling fans and air return and change your filters often during allergy season
  9. For more effective removal of allergens in your ducts, find a SanitizeIT Certified Spray Operator near you.