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Carpet Cleaning

Aseptic Health understands what is important to the carpet cleaning industry and we deliver—affordable products and equipment that work exceptionally well. All backed by the Carpet & Rug Institute.

You want to protect your employees and customers from using chemicals that can be harmful to their health. Our Certified Clinically Clean® All-In-One solution is pH balanced and in the same toxicity category as water as measured by the EPA.

You want to exceed your customers expectations by providing the cleanest, freshest service available. SoRite® All In One is the one product that truly can do it all:

  • Pre-spray to remove spots
  • Clean by extraction to remove dirt, allergens, odors, mold and mildew
  • Apply by electrostatic sprayer or ULV fogger to remove heavy odors (including smoke, pet urine and feces and strong cooking odors)

And SoRite is non-reactive and non-corrosive so it won’t harm your equipment or soft or hard surfaces inside your customer’s homes and workplaces.