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Meat Processing & Packaging

In Chicken Processing Plants and Hatcheries we have completed Salmonella-contaminated chicken carcass tests at Middle Tennessee State University. Data was submitted to the FDA for approval in November 2019 and we received a “No Objection Letter.” The “No Objection Letter” received from the FDA was accompanied by a few additional questions from one FDA panelist before approvals. Final documents are currently being completed.

Tests have proved that a food grade product killed Salmonella on the chicken carcasses effectively in just 15 seconds. Nor did the solution discolor the carcasses. But we see so much more potential for this important industry for safer products that deliver improved product.

Unlike Peracetic Acid (PAA) which is currently being used in the industry, our food grade product will be non-corrosive, non-irritating and non-reactive. To the processor and processing plant alike, our food grade disinfectant is a gentler solution that saves managers tremendous sums of money in equipment replacement.

 For both chicken and pork processing plants our food grade product will be used for:

  • Processing Sanitizing Dip (Two Separate Dips)
  • Chiller Water
  • Environmental Cleaning of Facilities
  • Hatcheries and Grow Houses Facilities, Water and Feed Treatment