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Every local municipality is different and unique versus the next. Yours is no different. Fortunately for the people of your community, you have a keen understanding of what’s truly needed in your area. Aseptic Health understands the need to protect and keep both local government personnel and the people of your community safe. To ensure leaders in your local government can focus on their job at hand, Aseptic Health is here to safeguard your facilities as germ free and as safe as possible. Our entire line is Certified Clinically Clean® to ensure safety for you, your customers, and the earth.

Our game changing solutions are especially valuable to local governments that have been hit hard by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of April, 2022, the U.S. has recorded approximately 80 million COVID-19 cases and just over 982,000 deaths. While numbers vary from city to city, the impact is unquestionably across the board. To help you get your citizens back to there every day lives, SoRite® All In One kills SARS-CoV-2 in 15 seconds. That is SECONDS, not minutes. It can be applied safely with an electrostatic sprayer, fogging sprayer or even during flight with a spray bottle or small handheld bag-on-valve cans, which spray product with an ultra-fine mist.

Your janitorial staff plays a critical role in controlling SARS-CoV-2, but also with many other nasty bugs like C. diff, Staphylococcus, MRSA and Pseudomonas. It’s critical that they clean, sanitize and disinfect properly so that these germs are not passed from surface to surface, or room to room, especially with vulnerable patients spread throughout your Emergency Department. Fortunately, SoRite can help with these nasty bugs as well. For example, the product has been proven to kill MRSA in 15 seconds!

There’s no rinse required, plus it’s non-reactive and non-corrosive, so the solution does not harm your equipment. The EPA has rated the toxicity of the product the same as water for skin irritation, inhalation and ingestion, so you can feel safe spraying around your patients, doctors, nurses and other staff without the use of heavy duty personal protective equipment.