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Nothing is more exhilarating than hitting a jackpot at the casino! While casino guests use the occasion as an outlet to relax and enjoy life, it’s important to understand that there are germs that await your guests while sitting at the poker table, or playing a slot machine if the proper cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting procedures are not taken. After testing poker chips from 5 different casinos on the Las Vegas strip, a study from a University of Nevada – Las Vegas (UNLV) microbiologist showed that a single poker chip could harbor thousands of bacteria. The most common was Staphylococcus aureus.

Outside of poker chips, new bacteria and viruses are brought in and out of casinos by the large customer base who are coming and going, day in and day out. These guests are everywhere in a casino and pass germs from surface to surface throughout their visit. A study from TravelVegas.com reported that a slot machine handle can have 6 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

 With heightened awareness of infectious disease due to the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the World in 2020, casinos have begun to rethink their cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting practices. Still there is a heightened risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers casino and gaming operations to be among the highest risk places for COVID-19 exposure, especially if other CDC guidelines and rules are not followed. Aseptic Health can help you with training your cleaning crews to ensure both your personnel and hotel rooms are Certified Clinically Clean®.

Aseptic Health’s new SoRite formula can help limit exposure to germs at your casino by providing high kill-logs at faster kill times. For example, SoRite All-In-One has been proven to kill Sars-CoV-2 in 15 seconds at a 99.999% (5-log) kill rate. The closest competitor provides a kill rate of 60 seconds. Besides killing 4X faster than the next best competition, SoRite is extremely efficacious as can be seen in the kill logs. The product is proven to kill a wide array of bacteria, viruses and fungi!

Not only is SoRite effective at protecting guest of casinos from nasty germs, the product has been categorized as a Category IV on the EPA’s Toxicity Scale for Skin Irritation, Inhalation and Ingestion. The Category IV rating is the same Category rating as water. No gloves, masks or special garments are required to use this safe product by your restaurants staff.

SoRite is your one stop shop and can also add to your bottom line. It is a versatile formula that can also be used everywhere in your casino, from the dining area, to the poker tables, even the bathroom. The product is a powerful Multi-Purpose Cleaning, Heavy Duty Odor Eliminator, Allergen Eliminator, Midewstat, Degreaser and Carpet/Upholstery Cleaner and Sanitizer. You can rest assured that your restaurants are Certified Clinically Clean® if it has been cleaned, sanitized and disinfected using SoRite.