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Are You A Clean Freak?

by Andrea Velasquez, Certified Clinically Clean® Specialist Do you have a weekly schedule for every chore on your cleaning list that you happily check off like clockwork? Then you might be a clean freak. When something is out of place does it drive you crazy until you...

Ultraviolet C Light

by Stephen Lawson, COO of Aseptic Health Ultraviolet C light (UVC) has been around for years, with claims that it prevents the spread of germs. Does it work? Is it safe? Is it corrosive? To shed light on the subject, we’ve compiled a few notes and opinions from some...

Hazard Warning on Labels

by Autumn Ryan, Founder and CEO   If there is a DANGER, POISION or HAZARD warning on the label, why would you want that cleaning product on your shelf? I’m a janitor with a degree in advertising. I understand how chemicals work to clean and disinfect, and I...

6 More Deadly Viruses

by Autumn Ryan, Founder and CEO I think I’m seeing more homes decorated for Halloween than ever. Attribute the surge to Covid-19? Seems like the pandemic has Americans doing all kinds of unusual things. Like disinfecting for deadly viruses! Sales of our flagship...

How To Use Disinfectant Wipes

by Autumn Ryan, Founder and CEO Are you using disinfectant wipes correctly? Last week Andrea did a great job explaining why “reading the fine print”on cleaning products is essential. It’s really the only way to determine if the chemical is the right fit for the job....

Read the Fine Print

by Andrea Velasquez Customer Interface Manager and Certified Clinically Clean® Specialist Andrea is a Certified Clinically Clean Specialist. Among other duties, Andrea handles inquiries from Aseptic Health customers across the country and assists our network of Certified SanitizeIT® Operators. For many years, Andrea was Vice President of Business Development for a major design and construction […]

Cleaning Up After Your Pet

by Pat Cummings & Mac Warehouse Manager and Certified Clinically Clean® Specialist Pat is our logical Logistics and Warehouse Manager. She also holds a BA in Organic Chemistry with a minor in Physics and is a Certified Clinically Clean Specialist. Pat has such a heart for animals and helped start Paws2Help Animal Ministry which provides […]

Three Strikes And You’re Out!

by Gus Scannapieco, Certified Clinically Clean® Specialist While researching information for our Disinfection Tips, I kept running across industry leaders touting the benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide for disinfection…from veterinarians and other healthcare professionals to carpet cleaners. Hydrogen Peroxide As A Disinfectant While Hydrogen Peroxide has a low toxicity rating, it is acidic and highly corrosive. If […]